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We Are Open To Serve You.
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About the Artist

Jeni has been interested in photography from a very young age, from gifted cameras to darkroom processes, she developed a love for the craft.

In college she got serious about it, exploring portraiture, commercial and fine art avenues. She graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Liberal Arts degree in 1989.

After graduation she managed a Seattle portrait studio for a few years, then moved to a rural area where she opened a small boutique art gallery that showed local art.  During this time she also chaired the local Arts Commission and helped get their first Art Walk started, along with several public art installations and a rotating gallery installation in their local civic center that is still active to this day.

After finding a sense of home on the Hood Canal, she opened her second gallery that served the area for two years.  Dancing Moon Gallery operated as a collective and the artists participated in running the shop, having featured artist shows and poetry nights.

Nowadays she is pursuing her first love, fine art black and white photography, which lends perfectly to her surroundings;  the magnificent Olympic Peninsula.